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Back in 2008, a young bartender named Jeff noticed the beautiful array of colours he was throwing out with every beer bottle he opened for his customers. He thought to himself "something cool can be done with these," but he didn't quite know what. He knew that it had to be a mosaic of sorts, so he put his mind to work and spent the next 6 years of his life coming up with a way of capturing one of his favourite musicians, John Lennon, with discarded bottle caps.


Through many attempts mostly by trial and error, he developed a set of techniques to flatten and layer the caps in a way that revealed the textured subject at a distance while including many 'easter eggs' when viewed up close.


Since the completion of his first piece in 2014, Jeff has created over 150 unique mosaics that are now residing across North America, Europe, and soon to be in Africa. Over 350,000 bottle caps have been diverted from the landfill where they would ordinarily take hundreds of years to deteriorate. He hopes that his artwork inspires other creatives to think of ways to upcycle single-use items into high-value works of art!

Did you know I do commercial work as well? I have worked with Interior Designers, Creative Directors, Marketing Associates, and owners of businesses to create larger-scale mosaics. The Chicago Bulls, Deep Eddy Vodka, and Labatt Brewing Company, are just a few of my larger commercial clients to date. I really enjoy working with teams throughout the planning and design stages, and love seeing their spaces come to fruition with the installation of my mosaics. 

Jeff Adam Meszaros JAM Bottle Cap Art
jeffrey adam meszaros 

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Bottle Cap Mosaic of Dolly Parton
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