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I am stoked you found your way here and I look forward to hearing about how I can bring your mosaic idea to life!

Please fill out the following form with as much detail possible and I will provide a quote as soon as possible.

If you find the form below does not suit your needs, feel free to email me directly at


How did you hear of me

Due to high interest and demand for my art, commissions may take up to 10-12 months to complete. However, I believe that the wait is worth it for a one-of-a-kind and personalized piece of art. I appreciate your patience and understanding as I work diligently on each mosaic. Thank you for supporting my passion for bottle cap art.

I will be in touch as soon as possible, cheers!

Bottle cap mosaic "Spotlight: Marylin" made from thousands of upcycled bottle caps
Prince made from thousands of upcycled bottle caps
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